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Man killed in fight at ANC branch general meeting

The ANC in Mpumalanga has condemned acts of violence during a branch general meeting (BGM) of the ANC in Nkomazi on Sunday.

According to sourced information, one person died while fi ve more were hospitalised after a fi ght ensued in the meeting.

The ANC has also called on the police to investigate the matter and to bring to book anyone found on the wrong side of the law without fear or favour.

“This unfortunate, anti-ANC incident of violence did not only disrupt a constitutional gathering of the the ruling party, but took away people’s lives. While the ANC is busy with its own investigation to get more insight into the incident, we request the SAPS to investigate this matter speedily, and bring all those involved to book.“

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“As the ruling party we are struggling to believe that this could have been a pure act of criminality, but suspect a coordinated activity to disrupt the proper functioning of the ANC in the province, especially in this process of BGMs leading up to the regional and provincial conferences,” read part of the statement sent out on Monday by the ANC.“

“We are aware that the members who caused this unfortunate incident were not members of the ANC in the said branch, but were bussed from somewhere to disrupt a constitutional meeting.“

“This is a tendency we will not tolerate or rest until we have defeated it and it is precisely for this reason that we will also apply rule 25 of our Constitution and institute disciplinary action against all those involved in this unfortunate incident. These incidents of violence highlight the dire need of organisational renewal which among many things will purge those who are not ANC in conduct and speech, but are registered party members,” continued the statement.

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“The ANC has reached a moment wherein it can no longer embrace quasi unity with anti-ANC element within the party as this will be unity on the graveside of the ANC and the struggle for a better life for all.“

“We urge our members to exercise maximum caution as these BGMs proceed, and to be vigilant at all times against agent provocateurs, who want to disrupt the proper functioning of the ANC in the region. We send our condolences to the family of the deceased and profusely apologise, that their loved one passed on where people were gathered in the name of ANC. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace.”

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