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eMalahleni organisation uplifts boys and men

Siyabonga Mokoena founded the organisation to teach boys etiquette and life skills so they can be respectful community members.

The Teach a Boy Child organisation in eMalahleni grooms young men to reach their full potential to be renowned men who will be global change makers and protectors, not perpetrators of crime.

This is according to the founder of the organisation, Siyabonga Mokoena. Many may know Mokoena as a radio personality, MC, voice artist and model. When he is not behind the microphone or on stage, he sees the success of his organisation.

“Since 2019, our mission has been to instil confidence, etiquette, and how to be a suave gentleman. We host vast programmes tailored to lobby and empower boys and men to be the best version of themselves,” Mokoena said.

In October, the organisation invited young men of all ages to attend a mental health awareness session in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month.

“We had social workers and mental health experts who brought light to how we can tackle mental health issues. The world needs men who will not contribute to issues such as gender-based violence and bullying. The aim was to expose the participants to people who can help when they face such issues. We are growing a better generation of men,” he said.

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“We always encourage men to have hobbies that will allow them to practise mental health such as meditating, journaling, singing, dancing or talking to someone. But ultimately, the aim is to love yourself.”

Mokoena said that he has formed the organisation where men can gain personal growth.

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“There are a lot of exclusive programmes that I run in the organisation that a lot of parents with male children are showing interest in, such as personal mentoring, career guidance, public speaking, esteem building and more.”

He said people can go to the organisation’s social media pages, Teach a Boy Child, for details on the next monthly programme.

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