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Africa Month celebrated in great style in Hazyview

The Shabalala Interpretation of Culture Center recently hosted an event commemorating Africa Month.

Hazyview communities recently celebrated Africa Month at an event hosted by the Shabalala Interpretation of Culture Center (SICC).

May is widely recognised across African nations as Africa Month, a time dedicated to commemorating the establishment of the organisation of African Unity in 1963, a precursor to the African Union.

This extravagant event was held at the SICC in Hazyview, in collaboration with Ligwalagwala FM and various traditional councils in and around the area.

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The event’s organiser, Goodman Nkosi, said the day was spent celebrating predominantly with the youth so they could be taught about their roots in the continent. “I have realised that a lot of young people don’t know much about our culture or where we come from. At the event, young people were taught about the diverse cultures we have, the food our great-grandparents ate, the medical herbs and how they were used to survive, and life without cars or electricity. Our main point was to make sure that young people do not forget that they are Africans, and even if they are living a modern life, that will not change that,” he said.

Nkosi added that to celebrate Africa Month, learning about different cultures, discovering the beauty in our diversity and exploring traditional music and cuisine were on top of the list. “With such an event, I believe young people will hang on to the old generation, who still know about our history. They will also be eager to learn how to do things in an African way. I also think Africa should be celebrated daily, since we are living in Africa,” said Nkosi.

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