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Pienaar entertainer Lady Mo is back as a pastor

Earlier this month the local sensation made a public apology for his past behaviour and claimed that he was possessed by a demonic spell.

The TikTok and social media sensation, Moses Sibiya, famously known as ‘Lady Mo’, is a born-again Christian now and about to become a qualified and baptised pastor.

Lady Mo, who became an instant social media sensation and one of the most followed local TikTokers, took to social media last week when he publicly apologised for his bad behaviour, citing that he was under a demonic spell.

He previously became known as a funeral, wedding and private party crasher who would barge in and take a lead singer role. He would try to turn what was meant to be a sad and gloomy day into laughter with what he deemed was witty and spicy singing.

When videos of him surfaced on social media, some families started asking him to attend as a professional mourner and sing at their loved ones’ funerals.
Even though short-lived, his fame has seen him making and dominating some of South Africa’s top media outlets.

Some music artists have also approached him for possible collaborations. He eventually worked with Shisaboy, a Mpumalanga-born and award-winning house and kwaito musician.

Moses Sibiya. Photo: Sourced/Facebook

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Lady Mo’s song, “Dumi Dumi”, made him even more popular, earning himself bookings as a performer and MC at events. “I would like to thank and appreciate each and every one for your support over the years since I started attending people’s funerals, weddings and parties. I used to think, though, that all was well, but allow me to say that I was under a demonic spell. I was blind, but thank God I can see clearly now that I was under a spell,” he said.

Sibiya continued by saying that even though he didn’t judge and discriminate against homosexuals, he maintains the gay person he had turned into for a while was because of the spiritual attack on him.

“Those who really know me and those who grew up and went to school with me know deep down that I can never be gay. It was just a demon inside of me trying to turn me into a female,” he added.

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Sibiya said he is a born-again Christian now and has changed his ways. He said he will soon be completing his Biblical studies and will graduate as a pastor. He will start his own church soon and invites all his supporters to come there once it is operational. He said he will now be known as Pr Moses Gandaganda.

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