How to make a small space look bigger

Being strategic with your furniture placement and lighting can make your small space look bigger than it really is.

Having a small space can sometimes feel limiting. Living in a small space means having to organise your items in a way that does not make it feel cluttered or cramped. By using certain design concepts, you can make your tiny space feel and look bigger, which will make it look more pleasing as well as make it easier to live in.

Here are 6 tips on how to make your small space look bigger:

1. Buy multi-functional furniture

Having limited space means you can’t fill it with tons of furniture. That will only make it look even smaller and may even evoke feelings of claustrophobia. Added to that, having too much furniture in a tiny space can look tacky.

Multi-functional furniture can be used for different purposes and is suited for small spaces. For example, if you live in a studio apartment, you may want to consider getting a sleeper couch or a couch with a base that can be pulled out and turned into a bed. There are a variety of furniture pieces to choose from and you can find a type that suits your space and taste.

2. Use monochrome colours

Small spaces don’t do well with tons of colour blocking. The key is to keep it simple and minimalistic. Monochrome colours such as white, grey, black and pastels can make your home look and feel more spacious than it actually is.

3. Add some lighting

A lack of lighting can suck all the energy out of a space, making it look drab and feel draining to be in. Sunlight is scientifically proven to help one’s boost mood and immune system, so be sure to open up those curtains and let the sun in. If your space doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight, you can add mirrors next to light sources, add fairy lights and candles, as well as light coloured curtains that will allow more light to come through.

4. Keep your space clutter-free

This goes without saying: clutter takes up a lot of space and it undoubtedly makes a small space feel and look even smaller than it already is.

By keeping your space clean and minimalist, you can make sure it looks bigger.

5. Separate your space using rugs

Rugs are a great way to separate your space into smaller sections. By doing this, you create the illusion of having multiple spaces in a large one, which makes your space look bigger.

6. Make sure your furniture has visible legs

Furniture with visible legs creates the illusion of space, whereas furniture without visible legs appears to take up more space because it is closer to the ground. Instead of a box-like sofa that is close to the ground, try a couch that is about ten centimetres off the ground, with stylish wooden legs.

Living in a small space can be challenging but with the use of the tips above, it’s possible to make your tiny space look and feel more expansive than it actually is.

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