Decorating your holiday home

It's important to furnish and decorate your holiday home in a way that will attract people of different aesthetic requirements across different demographics.

Decorating your house is a fun and exciting activity when you’re in touch with your own personal taste and have a good idea of what type of furniture and decor would make you feel most at home. However, the task of interior designing gets a bit trickier when you’re decorating a holiday home that will be occupied by people of varying tastes. It’s important to furnish and decorate your holiday home in a way that will attract people of different aesthetic requirements across different demographics.

Here’s how you can decorate your holiday home on a budget in a way that appeals to many potential guests:

1. Choose a cohesive design style

To select a design style that suits your holiday home, think about where your property is located. If your property is located near a beach, consider choosing a beachy theme that’s decorated with different hues of blue or bright colours that scream ‘summer’. Similarly, holiday homes located in metropolitan cities can be decorated with ultra-modern decor that embodies sophistication.

It’s also important to think about your target market when decorating your holiday rental. For example, if your aim is to attract families, romantic themed decor isn’t the best choice.

2. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes

The saying is cliche, but first impressions really do matter. Make sure your guests are wowed from the first moment they enter your holiday home.

Do a walk in from a guest’s perspective and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that you’ve designed your holiday rental to the best of your ability. You can also ask a friend to walk through the home and give you tips on what could be improved decor wise.

Alternatively, if your budget allows, hiring an interior designer to handle the decor in your holiday home is a good idea.

3. Make the master and secondary bedrooms as comfortable as possible

The bedrooms are arguably one of the most important parts of a holiday home. People want to feel as comfortable as possible when they lay their heads to sleep at night, so make sure you invest in making the bedrooms a sanctuary for your guests.

You should purchase high-quality mattresses, headboards, rugs, side tables, lamps, and any other furniture and decor pieces that will put the entire design look together.

4. Make sure you offer enough storage

Your guests will appreciate having enough storage space to stow away their personal items. Nobody wants to live out of their suitcase for the duration of their holiday!

Make sure you add portable storage space that still matches your décor, such as rattan or wooden storage boxes, etc.

5. Make sure the outdoors are well-designed too

Now that you’ve gotten a hand of your indoor decor, you need to make sure that the outdoor coincides with the rest of the holiday home.

People will want to use the outdoor space, especially in summer. South Africans especially, are known to love a good braai. Place comfortable patio furniture and make sure that it is also easy to clean. You can also build a braai or simply purchase a grill for guests to use. Games such as darts are also recommended to ensure that guests keep themselves entertained when hanging on the patio.

6. Add personal touches that your guests will remember

Adding touches like books and magazines, complimentary soap, lotion and shampoo, and a bottle of wine or chocolates to welcome your guests can make a holiday rental truly feel like home.

7. Don’t skimp on the technology

It’s easy to assume that people want to fully disconnect when on holiday, but this isn’t quite true. Decorating your holiday rental with smart technology can make your guests’ experience that much better.

This means making sure that your holiday home has a smart TV, WIFI, and perhaps even bluetooth speakers for people to play music on.

Using the above 7 tips, you can decorate your holiday home with ease.

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