Multipurpose furniture ideal for small spaces

Furniture is an important aspect of a conducive living environment. How should multipurpose furniture be implemented in small spaces?

The ongoing popularity of smaller living spaces – with reduced monthly utilities and maintenance costs and a less complicated lifestyle – has resulted in increasing demand for multifunctional furniture that is ideal for small spaces. ‘

“Convenience and style are key factors in choosing furniture suitable for small spaces,” says interior designer, Storme Conradie, Director of Signature Made.”

“Designers have excelled in rising to the challenge, and all the top décor houses now carry a wide range of dual-purpose items that take up minimal space and don’t skimp on quality. Many of the items are available online and come either ready-assembled or in flatpack form.”

Space savers

Look for innovative space-saving items like:

• Nesting tables in all shapes and designs for increasing table space, or to stack away neatly when not needed.

• A large ottoman that opens into a sleeper couch is ideal for studio units. When you strip off the outer ottoman cover, the bed is inside. The mattress folds out into a single mattress.

• A sofa or armchair that doubles as a bed is a clever choice for small spaces. Look for one with a reclining back that folds flat, and easily converts from sofa to bed.

• A sturdy metal rack with shelves at different levels can double as a room divider.

• Wall-mounted floating bookshelves are great décor items that also save floor space.

Storage solutions

In small homes, storage space is always at a premium. Some multifunctional storage solutions include:

• Wall-mounted bedside shelves that incorporate reading lamps and can be adjusted to the height of your bed.

• Ottomans incorporating storage that come in a wide range of sizes, colours, and materials. They can be used as seats or a coffee table and usually have removable trays and hidden storage space.

• Padded bucket stools and barstools with hidden storage compartments are trendy and easy to move around.

• Swap your base bed for one with storage drawers to use the wasted space under your bed.


Multipurpose kitchen tips:

• A wall-mounted drying rack looks neat and will free up workspace.

• Trendy fridge magnets can be used to hang attractive dishcloths and create a colourful display.

• A moveable preparation island can be wheeled out of the way when not in use. With the gas bottle tucked inside the cupboard, the hob and countertop can even be used to prepare meals outdoors.


Multifunctional mirrors with storage space are ideal for hiding bathroom clutter. The reflected light bouncing around the room creates the illusion of more space.

Its clear to see from the insights provided above that multipurpose furniture in small spaces works better with innovation and creativity for different spaces such as bathrooms and the kitchen.

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