Local traditional Sotho musician shines

Traditional Sotho music singer and dancer Mareka Molahloe assures Sotho music lovers that his new upcoming album, titled Sefefo volume 7, will keep them on their feet.

Speaking to the Advertiser, Molahloe says that he has already recorded his seventh album, but he is still seeking financial assistance to release his latest offering.

“I gave it my best shot, and it will be loved by many music-lovers,” he asserts.

Mareka sings in Sotho, and the majority of his songs feature lyrics that talk about life, including family, the community and the social interaction between people.

Mareka lives in Ramaphosa, and was born in 1985, in Lesotho.

For most of his life, Mareka lived in Welkom, in the Free State.

He then came to Boksburg, where he worked as a gardener for a church.

During this time he saved money, which he used to record his first album, titled Sefefo volume 1.

Sefefo means “tornado” in seSotho.

He began his musical career as a songwriter and a singer at the age of 16, and now has six great, traditional Sotho music albums under his belt.

“I grew up listening to traditional Sotho music and many of those songs inspired me to write my own songs,” he says.

Mareka gained popularity after his live performance was shown on Roots, a traditional music show on SABC, that caters for South African’s traditional and indigenous music genres.

Some of his tracks gained massive airplay on various South African radio stations, which broadcast in seSotho, including Lesedi FM.

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