Zak’s first date at Carnival City

Caxton’s local bachelor Zak Ludick and the top 13 women who have entered for a date with him will enjoy an entire day of fun and entertainment together at Carnival City this Saturday (March 22).

After receiving many entries from interested women, Zak, together with the coordinators of the competition, has chosen the top 13 women to take further into the competition. After their big group date this weekend, Zak will choose only five women to date further into the week of March 24.

From thereon Zak will choose two women whose parents he will meet; and then choose his final woman – the woman he can see a future with. Within a week after that Zak and his true love will have a one-night stay at one of Carnival City’s top hotels to get some quality time together.

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Through Caxton’s local bachelor competition Zak and his final woman will each win the ultimate prize of a Samsung S4 cellphone, brought to you by Hirsch’s Meadowdale and Samsung.

Keep an eye out for next week’s newspaper where we will update you on how Zak’s dates went, who is in the top five and who is winning his heart.

For up to date information on the competition and details on where the dates will take place visit

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