Touching lives through inspirational film

Renier Weideman’s recent Afrikaans film, Hartsbegeertes, was rated the number one gospel film by the KykNet programme, Geloof Hoop en Liefde, for the last four months, and he will start producing his new offering to the film industry, Gebore Talente, in July, this year.

The 27-year-old film producer, writer and actor from Rynfield, has a passion for helping people on a big scale.

He told the Benoni City Times filming is a way to reach a large amount of people at the same time.

“My main focus has always been helping people and I have created a medium to do that,” said Renier.

“To help one person is easy – to help 10 000 is another thing.”

He explained his perspective that helping one person will lead to them doing the same for their surrounding folk and should continue to do so in a chain-reaction, referring to the film “Pay it forward”.

Hartsbegeertes tells an inspiring story of the two main characters Pieter, also portrayed by Renier, and James (Jacques Gombault), finding hope and life’s purpose when their lives, as they know it, are disrupted and changed by life’s hardships.

With his new film, Renier said he aims to teach people how to dream again.

“This film will teach you how to use your talents; to take your talent and become successful,” he said.

His co-producer, Dewald de Lange added that there will be a strange twist in the film that has not been done in South Africa before.

The film will be shot in the Crystal Park and Brentwood Park areas of Benoni, as well as Centurion, Irene and Melville.

Renier is a firm believer in team work and emphasised he could not have done what he does without his co-producer.

“I’m a creator, but Dewald implements it all,” he said.

Renier does not only aim to inspire through his films, but is also a life coach who leads seminars through which he guides and lectures people to concur success in their lifestyles and businesses.

“I focus on providing a theory that is sustainable,” he said.

Renier maintains the belief that if you are serving people and have the right passion, you cannot go wrong.

He concluded that he gives God credit for all of his success.

His advice to others who would like to make a success in the filming industry was to not compare themselves with others, and to always be unique.

“Bring the wow-factor into your business – that is something that will make it different to everything else.”

Dewald added: “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

The shooting of Gebore Talente will officially commence on July 7, and will be released to the public in the new year.

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