Comedy heatwave hits the Palace in July

This July, the magnificent Theatre of Marcellus, at Emperors Palace, will host the comedy stylings of some of South Africa’s most popular and topical comedians.

An unmissable feast for comedy lovers, Jokers in July will take place over the first two weekends of the month and will feature a different comedian each night.

Here’s a list of comedians who might tickle your fancy:

* Durban-based funny man Carvin Goldstone will kick off the comedy festival, on July 3, with his no swearing, family-friendly show, aptly named Coloured President.

Goldstone’s side-splitting views on South African and world politics will be the perfect antidote for mid-winter chills.

His exploration of what South Africa might be like with a coloured president at the helm also provides a laugh a minute.

* The hysterically funny Nik Rabinowitz will set the stage ablaze with his razor-sharp humour, on July 4, with What the EFF.

Guaranteed to raise some eyebrows, Rabinowitz’s fast-paced commentary on what’s happening in the headlines and behind the scenes will leave audiences in stitches.

No under 18s will be permitted.

* Continuing along the political vein, Loyisa Gola’s no holds barred State of the Nation will be performed on July 10, and will focus on recent political shenanigans that have made headlines.

With an abundance of material to choose from, the show will leave audiences panting with non-stop laughter as the outspoken Gola unpacks the current affairs of the past six months.

He will use his unique brand of humour to remind audiences that there’s almost always a lighter side to every serious matter.

No under 18s will be permitted.

* The award-winning Marc Lottering will share his best and most memorable stories and anecdotes in My Favourite Stories, on July 11.

Featuring a selection of his best work from the past 17 years, Lottering will provide audiences with a comedy overdose and prove why he’s considered one of the country’s best comedians.

No under 18s will be permitted.

* Last, but certainly not least, YouTube wonder Jonathan from RadioRaps will round off the comedy feast with two shows on July 5 and 12, at 3pm.

With a strong fan base, Jonathan is always eager to share tips, from bar etiquette and how to play golf like a pro, to giving love advice.

Parental supervision is advised.

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