#TBT 90s’ candy you forgot about

The 90s is known for many things, one of them being the delicious treats kids of the decade got to enjoy.

Children of the 90s were spoiled for choice when it came to their snacks and sweet treats. If you were a child then, you may remember some of these:


  1. Push Pops

Push it, lick it and save it for later. These fruity candy rods were all the rage in the 90s and came in a variety of yummy flavours.

  1. Melody Pops

Not only did you get a delicious sweet treat, but you also had the fun of being a musician with these flute-like candies.

  1. Holey Moleys

What could’ve been better than a crunchy biscuit-like centre covered in chocolate?

  1. Hula Hoops

It was impossible to eat these chips without trying to get them on your fingers like rings.

  1. Spice Girl Lollipops

If you grew up as a 90s girl, then not only did you buy these for the sweet treat but also for the collectable stickers of one of the biggest girl pop groups.

  1. Wicks bubblegum

Do you remember spending hours chewing on this soft pink bubblegum with the lasting flavour?

  1. Bubbaloo

These little bubblegums would give you a burst of flavour with their juicy liquid centre.

  1. Bugles

Many 90s kids made witches’ nails when putting these chips on their fingertips.

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