An Egg-cellent day

Use simple ideas and DIY clues to create an Easter hunt the whole family will enjoy. 

There are many versions behind the history of the Easter egg hunt. Most of them are based on Christian folklore about an egg-laying hare in 18th-century America. Children would make homemade nests in which an ancestor of the Easter rabbit would lay its coloured eggs as symbols of the rebirth and renewal that follows the Resurrection. This year, why not have a hunt … you can get the kids to make table decorations and pick flowers from the garden while you plan the fun.

On the hunt

There are literally thousands of free online printables that you can use as clues or directions for your hunt. You need to decide if you’re going to hide a few eggs with each clue (more fun for little kids) or make up one big spoil to be discovered at the end, which older kids enjoy.

Quick clues you can use

Clue 1. To begin the hunt and collect your prize, find your first clue where the laundry lie

Clue 2. Roses are Red, violets are blue, find the next hint where you shampoo

Clue 3. The game’s getting harder so don’t stay put, look in a place where you put your foot

Clue 4. Still haven’t found it? Do as you’re told, find your next egg where food stays cold

Clue 5. This is an item that we use a lot, it cooks our food and gets extra hot

Clue 6. Bunnies hop and baby chicks cheep, next head to the place where books sleep

Clue 7. For your next clue, flowers may bloom but walk your way to the car’s bedroom

Clue 8 Autumn is nice and Easter is pleasant, search in this cupboard for your present

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More ideas

You could also hide a few Willy Wonka-style Golden Tickets that older kids can redeem for secret prizes or vouchers Have you ever thought of doing an adult version that sends a significant other on a trail around the house? And if you’re simply not into hunting for eggs, a scavenger hunt with a reward at the end will do just fine too.

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