What’s for dinner? Takeout!

Treat the family to delicious pizza combinations from Korean chef Jamie Jeong and local braai master, Jan Braai.

After launching their Travel the World campaign – Col’Cacchio has brought a world of flavours to your local Col’Cacchio. Giving us a taste of South Africa and Korea, the journey continues with innovative additions and pizza combinations from Korean chef Jamie Jeong and local braai master, Jan Braai.

Jan Braai, who needs no introduction as he is the very popular face behind the National Braai Day, succeeded in marrying the taste of the flavours every South African has come to love on his ‘Jan Braai’ Pizza. Dusted with mielie meal, chakalaka, pulled beef, sour cream and a little bit of coriander–get ready to take your taste buds on a flavour journey.

Jamie is the proud chef of a family-owned eatery that prides itself in serving authentic Korean cuisine and delicacies. Her Bulgogi-inspired pizza will have your mouth meet the depth of soya sauce, the flavour of honey and the fulfilment of the sesame seeds at first bite.

“I enjoyed every minute of preparing this pizza and I hope that everyone who eats this, will be transported to South Korea. Bulgogi carries a beautiful history, one of celebration and that is what we would like diners to experience–a celebration of Korean flavours.”

In addition to falling deeper in love with pizza, R5 from every Jan braai pizza sold will be donated to Iris House Children’s Hospice to provide free community and hospice-based care for children with life-limited and life-threatening conditions. With every ‘Oh My Seoul’ pizza from Jeong sold, R5 will be donated to The International Youth Fellowship in support of raising next-generation leaders, globally.

With the new offerings at Col’Cacchio, customers are also able to vote for their favourite pizza at and stand a chance to WIN pizza for a whole year.

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