5 wrapping tips to make your Christmas gifts spectacular!

Take your gift wrapping skills to the next level with these tips. 

Scrolling through Pinterest looking for gift wrapping tips to help make your Christmas presents look like they’ve been put together by Santa’s little elves? Stop scrolling, we’ve got you covered with these five tips: 

Set up a gift wrapping workshop
Turn up the festive tunes, pour yourself a glass of your favourite wine and turn your lounge or dining room into a gift wrapping workshop.  Gather your supplies, from colourful wrapping paper to shiny ribbons and sparkly bows, as you prepare to wrap gifts that will make the recipient think that Martha Stewart personally wrapped.

Tip: When picking wrapping paper, aim for a mid-range weight. Budget-friendly options are cost-effective but tend to tear or crinkle easily during wrapping. On the other hand, heavyweight artisanal or luxury papers, while attractive, can be tricky to fold and crease.

Think outside the box
Whoever decreed that all gifts must fit neatly into square boxes clearly missed out on the fun of celebrating the intriguing world of odd shapes! Gift-wrapping isn’t restricted to the art of concealing squares and rectangles; it’s an endless canvas of creativity that extends to the likes of surfboards, terrariums and even the enigmatic “mystery gift.”

Tip: When your item is just too big to cover with paper (a doll house, a surfboard or a bike), consider “wrapping” it with strings of fairy lights and securing the cords with festive ribbon.

Get creative with tissue paper
Enhance your gift by using tissue paper in matching or contrasting colours with your wrapping paper. This colour combination adds depth and an appealing look. Instead of laying the tissue paper flat, gently crinkle it to create a subtle texture that piques curiosity and excitement. Another creative option is to fold the tissue paper in a fan-like origami style, making your gift look like a mini work of art, adding an extra special touch.

Snip some style
Craft scissors can do wonders for your gift-wrapping skills. These decorative scissors come in various patterns, from delicate ripples and lace lines to charming waves and triangles, they offer a fantastic way to infuse personality and creativity into your presentation.

Have fun with gift tags

Why settle for ordinary gift tags when you can craft your own with a touch of wit and personal flair? Go beyond the generic and let your creativity run wild, it can be a clever one-liner that adds an extra layer of delight to the gift, an inside joke that only the two of you understand, or a heartfelt message that tugs at the heartstrings.

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