Grand new books for lovers of sci-fi and fantasy

You are going to want to push these two books up on your TBR list if you love science fiction and fantasy (and did we mention wonderfully written?)

A whopping 1072 pages of swashbuckling science fiction adventure, daring and courage, when man is an endangered species and the future survival of what’s left of the human race – now ruled by a race of nine-foot tall, gas-breathing conquerors from the planet Psychlo – is at stake. Battlefield Earth – A Saga of the Year 3000 is the 21st century edition, with expanded content, hand-written author notes, an interview with author L Ron Hubbard, as well as original lyrics for the novel. Galaxy Press, R490

Writers of the Future Volume 9, presented by L Ron Hubbard, is a collection of stories and illustrations from the newest and most exciting voices of science fiction and fantasy – writers who stood out among the thousands of entries submitted to the annual Writers of the Future Contest. Along with these 12 best tales from the competition are winning illustrations, three short stories by Kevin J Anderson, L Ron Hubbard and SM Stirling, along with essays on writing and illustration by Lazarus Chernik, L. Ron Hubbard and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. From time travellers to set out to save London from a terrorist’s nuclear attack to a tale about what happens when death and taxes come together in the form of an IRS agent who faces the darkest audit of all, it’s an exciting read, and inspirational, too, for those who fancy themselves a sci-fi writers or illustrators. Keen? You can attend the free workshop by L Ron Hubbard, and the book includes details on how to enter the Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests. Or pop over to Galaxy Press, R450


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