Watch: Mzansi left in stitches as little boy calls mogodu a hedgehog

When a mother attempts to feed her son a bite-sized portion of mogodu, he’s convinced she’s trying to get him to eat a prickly hedgehog.

Internet users were left in stitches when a little boy referred to South African cuisine mogodu as a hedgehog.

The cuisine, which consists of a combination of chopped tripe and intestines, is served as a stew, often with hot pap or dumplings, and comes from the insides of mammals like cows or sheep.

This video, which was originally uploaded to TikTok by content creator @_izibele, gained massive popularity with over 1.2m views.

In the video, the boy’s mother attempts to feed him a bite-sized portion of mogodu, which the boy says is disgusting and prickly, while drawing similarities between its texture and that of hedgehog’s quills.

People were surprised the boy knew what a hedgehog was, as many people had no clue. They think he could have gotten the idea from watching the movie, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Watch the video:

@_izibeleNot him calling tripe a hedgehog 😂 #fyp #playtimewithizi #funtimeswithIzi♬ original sound – _Izibele

TikTok users had their say in the comments:

“Do we even have hedgehogs in South Africa,” one person said.

Another user commented: “Look, we calling it ‘Hedgehog Mondays’ (taking from the famous concept Mogodu Mondays). I thank you.”

“As for a hedgehog, adding a crying emoji, it’s prickly. What?” another used said.

Someone else added: “I don’t blame him for not eating it; ah the smell when it’s boiled… I love trotters yes, but not hedgehogs, no.”

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