Tito Mboweni reacts to his face on Lucky Star tin

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni reacts to a photo of his face on a tin of Lucky Star Pilchards that has X-users talking.

Former finance minister Tito Mboweni was recently left speechless after a photo circulating on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) shows him appearing as the face on the tin of Lucky Star Pilchards.

In a repost, he shared the image with his followers on the platform along with the caption: “Mara why?”

The photo displays the face of Tito in replacement of the fish usually associated with the Lucky Star brand.

The obviously altered photo was accepted in good spirits by the 65-year-old who often posts his love for garlic on X.

The alleged artist behind the edited design revealed himself in a repy to the post.

Meanwhile, others quickly responded to Tito’s question on why he was the one targeted to appear in the fake Lucky Star advertisement.

“You know why Mr minister [laughing emoji],” responded one user.

Others suggested that he should officially become the brand ambassador of the company.

Over the last year, South Africans have seen a different side to Tito. It turns out the former member of parliament has a deep love and passion for making food. Now and then he would surprise some of his most devoted followers with a dish or two he managed to prepare.

While there are moments when his dishes come out perfect, there are other times when the outcome of it is the subject of public scrutiny. This has, however, never been something that holds him back from trying again.

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