3.7 magnitude earthquake shakes Orkney

Residents of Orkney and Klerksdorp woke up to a moderate earthquake today.

A moderate-magnitude earthquake was recorded in Orkney near Klerksdorp in North West earlier this morning.

According to Volcano Discovery, a global initiative that provides quake information, the magnitude 3.7 earthquake hit 7.4km away from Orkney at about 07:07.

“The quake had a very shallow depth of 10km and was felt by many near the epicentre. The shallow depth of the quake caused it to be felt more strongly near the epicentre than a deeper quake of similar magnitude would,” reads information about the quake on Volcano Discovery’s website.

It also mentions that the closest larger town where the quake might have been felt is Klerksdorp, about 17km away from the epicentre. “People likely experienced weak shaking there.”

Some residents took to social media to share their experience of the shake.

Salomé Kotzé writes [original posts in Afrikaans]: “Wow! That was a strong tremor.” Martie Coetser Pozyn replied that she was a bit scared. “I heard it rumble far away.”

Orkney has been hit by earthquakes and tremors in the past. On November 17, 2023, a 4.5 magnitude quake was recorded near the gold mining town.

In 2014, the town experienced an even stronger quake (4.9 magnitude), which resulted in the death of one man and extensive damage to several buildings.

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