AI camera used to arrest trespasser in Durban North

A man is behind bars thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence that have made surveillance cameras smarter and more effective in detecting and preventing crime.

Artificial intelligence led to the arrest of a trespasser in Sunningdale, north of Durban, early yesterday morning.

According to Marshall Security spokesperson Tyron Powell, the activation came from a client’s premises in Village Way.

“Multiple armed response officers and members of our Special Operations Team were immediately dispatched to the scene, while our Emergency Dispatch Centre kept an eye on the suspect’s whereabouts and movements.

“The suspect was unaware that his actions were being monitored live from our control room,” says Powell.

When the suspect saw the team arrive at the scene, he attempted to flee but was cornered and apprehended.

The suspect was found in possession of a knife and drug paraphernalia.

Durban North SAPS is investigating the matter.

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