Blood stock levels critical – SANBS

The SANBS is grateful for every drop of blood from regular donors but they need more as stock levels have now reached critical status.

The SANBS is currently faced with critically low blood stock levels and has reached out to South Africans to lend a hand in saving lives.

“We are appealing to all members of the public who are able and willing to donate much-needed blood. We are in the midst of a bloodstock crisis as levels continue to drop consistently,” said Siemi Prithvi-Raj of the SANBS.

“The frigid weather has affected the levels of donations, and that is why we are calling on all willing and able, to donate a unit of blood. Compounding an already difficult situation is the schools holidays as well as tertiary institutions taking their break,” she added.

She said winter is synonymous with low blood collections when schools and universities close for a break, and the donors they rely on for their much-needed donations dissipate. While SANBS had hoped for better collections this year, the situation remains challenging.

The SANBS is especially calling out to South Africans who aren’t yet donors to make their way to their nearest mobile blood drive or donor centre to give much-needed blood.

“In the spirit of Mandela Month, let us take it into our hands to continue the legacy of giving. New donors will help ease the pressure on the existing donors and help maintain blood stocks at acceptable levels throughout the year.

“Whether you bring a friend along or invite us to host a blood drive at your business, residential complex, community centre, or local church, you can help to make a difference. Every drop counts.

“SANBS must collect at least 3 500 units of blood daily to meet patients’ needs. Each day this target is not met, the total units of available blood deplete further.”

To find out where your nearest donor site is, visit or call toll-free 0800 11 9031.

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