Gauteng cop reunites abducted Limpopo children with parents

A man is behind bars for the abduction of his child as well as two of his sister’s children, which happened in October.

Months after two boys and a girl were taken from their home in Mashau village, Limpopo, police in Gauteng managed to find them at an informal settlement outside Germiston in Gauteng.

Primrose SAPS corporate communications officer Sergeant Styles Maome explains that the three children, aged between 10 and 13 years old, were abducted by the father of one of the children in October. The other two children belong to his sister.

Maome says he was alerted to the children’s whereabouts when an anonymous source contacted him three weeks ago.

“The source reported that a man impersonating a police officer lives with three children who don’t go to school. Officers were sent to investigate and they learnt that the suspect was in possession of handcuffs, a police bunny jacket and a toy gun,” Maome adds.

The children were not at the home at the time and the officers contacted officials from the local social development department.

Two weeks ago, on March 11, police learnt that the suspect may have physically abused the girl.

“She was removed from the informal settlement and taken to a place of safety. The suspect went on the run before police arrived at the house,” Maome explains.

He says the young girl told police about a school she had previously attended in the village of Mashau.

“After we contacted the police station in Venda, a school employee put us in touch with the principal, and after learning about the situation he started his own investigation. It was reported that a kidnapping case had been in Limpopo, against the suspect,” Maome says.

He adds that the suspect went to the police station on March 14, claiming he needed assistance to enrol the children in school.

He was then arrested and transported to Venda to face abduction charges. The girl was removed from the place of safety and she and her cousins were put back into the care of their parents

“The primary school’s principal was essential in solving this case. As we approach Child Protection Week, we advise parents and teachers to ensure they are aware of children’s whereabouts at all times,” concludes Maome.

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