Measles epidemic hits Middelburg

Parents who notice that their children have any measles symptoms are urged to take them to the doctor immediately.

A shocking rise in measles cases has left the Eastdene community in Mpumalanga in shock, with over 25 patients having been diagnosed thus far.

This is according to community spokesperson Farouk Suliman.

The situation is so alarming that the Department of Health will hold an immunisation event tomorrow at Eastdene Pharmacy, offering health services to children aged between six and 15.

The Steve Tshwete Local Municipality responded to the predicament and posted the following on its Facebook page: “Let’s try and save our little ones and prevent this measles scourge.”

Suliman emphasised the seriousness of the situation, stating: “If any parents or family members notice any inkling of symptoms, immediately take your child to the doctor.”

Measles is a highly contagious disease that can affect anyone and is most common in children.

Early symptoms of measles include a runny nose, sensitivity to light, a cough, red watery eyes, a high fever and small white spots inside the cheeks. A rash will form seven to 18 days after exposure, which will then spread to the entire body.

Suliman said: “Stay safe, look after your family, and be vigilant.”

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