Ministers see off food trucks en route to KwaZulu-Natal

Trucks leave for KwaZulu-Natal with much-needed food supplies as N3 reopens.

HEIDELBERG – Ministers and business people this morning gathered at the Heidelberg weighbridge to see off food-supply trucks en route to KwaZulu-Natal. A total of 965 trucks is said to have passed through the weighbridge in the last 24 hours.

Heidelberg Weighbridge.


Ministers Ebrahim Patel (trade and industry), Pravin Gordan (public transport), Khumbuzo Ntshavheni (small business development) and Mmamoloko Kubayi (tourism) met with truck drivers and business heads of, among others, SPAR and Imperial at the weighbridge, as trucks filled with food supplies left for KwaZulu-Natal.

“Heidelberg is a snapshot of what is currently happening in South Africa in an effort to rebuild our nation and urgently supply supermarkets and shops. The N3 is most critical in the supply to KwaZulu-Natal,” Patel said.

“Truck drivers put their lives on the line daily and we are extremely proud to see their dedication. They are the real heroes,” Gordan said.

As trucks were given the green light to depart, SPAR divisional managing director Desmond Borrageiro said that the group was encouraged by the support from government, people’s resilience and how the nation came together.

He further noted that the group’s shops in KwaZulu-Natal were hit hardest, but with the N3 open again, they could start to rebuild, while providing food to the most needy.


Desmond Borrageiro of SPAR.

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