New Areta party calls for unity against DA’s moonshot pact

The blue party called on other parties to join forces to prevent an ANC and EFF coalition.

Carl Niehaus, the leader of the newly-launched political party, the African Radical Economic Transformation Alliance (Areta), has called on ‘progressive parties’ to unite against the DA’s moonshot pact.

The DA has called on ‘like-minded’ parties to form a pact to block the EFF and ANC coalition from taking over control of government after next year’s general elections.

However, Niehaus said a pact led by the DA should be viewed as a counter-revolutionary grouping ‘which should be defeated by the masses’.

“Forces of the left such as Areta, the EFF and UDM, have a responsibility to alert the masses about the dangers of alliances such as the one proposed by the DA. There is an urgent need for the country’s progressive forces to unite ahead of next year’s general elections.”

Niehaus, who in March participated in the EFF’s shutdown protest, said Areta would be engaging ‘progressive parties’ such a the UDM, PAC and EFF with a view to form an election pact ahead of next year’s polls.

“We have a duty to present a clear alternative to the so-called moonshot pact,” he said.

A former Mkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association spokesperson, Niehaus early this year terminated his ANC membership after a ruling party disciplinary committee recommended that he be expelled for misconduct.

On the prospect of Areta partnering with the ANC in the event of next year’s elections failing to produce a clear winner, Niehaus said working with the ruling party would be a ‘tough decision’ to make.

Our main concern as Areta is that the ANC has been infiltrated by sell-outs bent on undermining those championing the struggle for economic freedom.

“Unless there is a change of attitude among the current ANC leadership, I don’t see how Areta could work with the ANC,” he said.

Niehaus was speaking as strong signs are emerging that the ANC would form a pact with the EFF should the ruling party’s support fall below 50% in next year’s general elections.

In the recent election of the Johannesburg Municipality mayor, EFF and ANC councillors — who rallied behind Al Jama councillor Kabelo Gwamanda, voted as a bloc to prevent DA candidate Mpho Phalatsi’s election as the mayor.

In KZN, the EFF terminated its co-operative agreement with the IFP after the red berets resolved to work with the ANC in the province’s hung municipalities.

This happens just a few months before next year’s crucial general elections which President Cyril Ramaphosa has conceded will be the ‘most challenging’ for the ANC.

As part of efforts to strengthen the ANC’s elections machinery ahead of next year’s polls, Ramaphosa last week led an ANC national leadership delegation to KZN, where in recent months the party has been losing supporters.

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