Retired Western Cape man pockets R42.9m in Lotto winnings

When the elderly man realised he became a multi-millionaire, he was shocked and had to drink a glass of milk to calm him.

A retired man from the Western Cape plans on giving back to his local community and church after he bagged R42.9m in Lotto winnings.

The man has been playing the Lotto for years, and prior to his win on November 25, his largest winning was a modest R988.

Now a multi-millionaire, the man of deep faith attributes his astonishing windfall to divine intervention, according to a statement by the official operator of the National Lottery in South Africa, Ithuba.

His winning ticket was purchased for R80 at a local retail store, and when the man realised he instantly became a millionaire, Ithuba says, he had to find ‘solace in a glass of milk’.

“Despite his sudden stroke of luck, he remains grounded with plans to buy homes for his siblings and children, ensuring a safe and secure future for his grandchildren. This decision underscores his strong family values and desire to make a lasting, positive impact,” the statement reads.

Ithuba CEO Charmaine Mabuza says they are glad to be part ‘of another life-changing event, especially for someone as generous as our latest winner’.

“His dedication to his family and community is truly inspiring. We are always moved to see our winners using their windfalls in such wise and meaningful ways.”

Ithuba states that every winner of over R50 000 receives free financial and trauma counselling, and that all winnings are tax-free.

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