Robbers brutally assault Gauteng father and son

Four armed robbers stormed a home in Tshepiso, beating a man with a brick, and him and his son with a crowbar.

A family of three residing in Tshepiso Phase 4, Vanderbijlpark, are left in shock after four robbers broke into their home on Steve Tshete Street by forcing open the sliding door. They have decided to speak out after the ordeal on May 26.

The father explains that when he heard scraping sounds, he confronted the intruders in the living room, leading to a violent altercation.

During the struggle, three of the robbers assaulted him, with a brick and a crowbar, while the fourth remained outside.

His 32-year-old son, awakened by the loud noises and screams, rushed to assist his father.

In the ensuing fight, he was severely beaten on the head with a crowbar.

Speaking to Sedibeng Ster, the father recounts: “All I can remember was the robbers swearing at me when I asked what they wanted. We tried to defend ourselves, but they injured both my son and me before we managed to overpower them, causing them to flee.”

He adds: “If I could confront the men who ambushed us, I would ask them why they targeted our home. We have cars and valuable possessions, but they never made any demands for any of it.”

The father says his family now lives in constant fear, uncertain if the robbers will return.

The police responded to the family’s call for help but were unable to identify the robbers.

“We feel that the police failed us; they responded to the incident but did not open a case for us.”

When questioned by the newspaper, a local police spokesperson confirmed no case had been opened.

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