‘Superbike robbers’ nabbed in Benoni

The men allegedly committed what is referred to as ‘Brazilian-style’ robberies by targeting pedestrians and fleeing on their motorbike.

Two BB gun-wielding men, travelling on a blue and white Suzuki GSXR motorbike, were arrested yesterday (June 6) before they could flee to the N12, shortly after they are believed to have robbed four pedestrians of their belongings.

According to Frederick Koen of NoJack Vehicle Tracking, the Benoni CPF issued an alert on the community radio network shortly after 10:00 after the first robbery on Ewing Street in Rynfield.

“Their modus operandi is commonly referred to as ‘Brazilian-style’ robberies,” said Koen.

“It is alleged they stopped next to the first victim, a pedestrian, demanding personal belongings, including cellphones, bank cards and cash.”

The motorbike allegedly used to commit the robberies.

In response to the alert, various role-players launched a search for the suspects.

While they were searching for the robbers, the crime spree continued.

A second pedestrian was robbed on Hanekam Street, with another two robberies taking place shortly thereafter.

AfriForum and DOT Towing members spotted the assailants on Miles Sharp Street.

A chase ensued on Malherbe Street towards Pretoria Road, where members of the NoJack Anti-Hijacking Unit, Legendary Guardians Exclusive Protection and the SAPS Gauteng Drone Unit foiled their escape towards the N12.

“After a search by Benoni Flying Squad members, they found the men in possession of two BB guns and personal belongings of the victims,” said Archie Mouyis of the AfriForum Benoni branch.

Two BB guns were found in the men’s possession.

The suspects face four charges of armed robbery and were detained at the Benoni Police Station.

“This is a testament to how swift action taken by committed community members can lead to the criminals being brought to book,” said Koen.

Other key role players included the private security companies Badboyz, PHP, AAA, Blackhawk and Supercops.

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