Uber driver stabbed at KZN beach

He was accosted after picking up passengers who requested a ride.

An Uber driver who had been called to pick up passengers at Cuttings Beach, Merewent, on Friday, was overpowered, stabbed and hijacked by the people who had requested a ride.

PT Alarms’ spokesperson Dhevan Govindasamy says the incident happened in the evening.

“Upon arrival, the ‘passengers’ overpowered him while he was driving and stabbed him multiple times before throwing him out of the vehicle. The culprits then drove the victim’s vehicle to a complex in the Wentworth area before fleeing,” explains Govindasamy.

After the alarm was raised, a PT Alarms officer assisted Cartrack members in tracking the vehicle.

“It was found abandoned and was handed over to Wentworth SAPS,” he adds.

At the start of the holiday season, provincial police spokesperson Robert Netshiunda noted that there was a rise in the hijackings of business vehicles in the province. He urged the community to report any known hijackers and other criminals who lurk in their mid.

“The community plays a crucial role in effective law enforcement, and we urge residents to continue to work with law enforcement to root out crime in our areas,” Netshiunda said at the time.

No arrests had been made at the time of publishing. The driver’s condition is yet to be established.

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