Woman’s naked body found near Middelburg

A tactical response team patrolling in the area made the gruesome discovery after they were informed by an unknown woman.

An unknown woman, believed to be in her late 30s, was found dead at the Ash Dam palisades between Middelburg and Komati Power Station.

A reliable source confirmed to Middelburg Observer that the woman was found with her lower body bare, a black cloth over her face and and her legs spread widely apart. She also had dry grass over her face to conceal her identity.

There were multiple used tissues found near the body that is thought to contain semen. There were also several used condoms scattered across the scene.

Jeans and pink underwear thought to belong to the victim were thrown over the wall into the Ash Dam’s yard.

The woman was discovered by the tactical response team patrolling the area, after they were alerted by an unnamed woman.

The local station commander was summoned to the scene, with a Criminal Record Centre expert later called to the site.

Pathology was also on the scene for investigation before the body was taken to the governmental mortuary.

Identifying the victim is a top priority for SAPS as investigations are underway.

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