Next-gen Toyota Camry and RAV4 might be unveiled in 2024

Exciting news for Toyota enthusiasts as reports suggest that the next-generation Toyota Camry and RAV4 may be unveiled as soon as next year.

Although Toyota has not yet made any official announcements about two expected models, rumours suggest that we may see the ninth-generation Toyota Camry as soon as 2024 and the next-generation RAV4 in 2025.

The Toyota Camry is expected to receive an evolution of the TNGA-K platform, which will put it in competition with other popular sedans like the Honda Accord and the upcoming Hyundai Sonata. Although details are scarce, it is likely that the next-generation Camry will receive some subtle upgrades both inside and outside, building on the success of its current iteration. With the Camry not on offer locally, it is unlikely that the newcomer will be offered on our shores.

Photo: Toyota.

The RAV4, on the other hand, has been a popular choice for SUV enthusiasts since its introduction almost five years ago. With crossovers dominating the market, the RAV4 has remained a stalwart for the Toyota brand, and it shows no signs of slowing down in sales. Although CAR Magazine doesn’t have many details about the next-generation RAV4 yet, it is likely that it will receive carryover underpinnings from the current model, along with some upgrades to keep it competitive in the market.

Photo: Toyota.

One exciting possibility is that the new generation RAV4 could be the first fully electric SUV from Toyota. This would be a huge milestone for the brand and a major step forward in environmental efficiency. In the meantime, the new Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid is already leading the way in the RAV4 range and in Toyota’s hybrid model lineup, offering an unmatched combination of power and efficiency.

Photo: Toyota.

As one of the few remaining family sedans on the market, the Camry has a lot to live up to in terms of design and features. It will be interesting to see how Toyota evolves the Camry in the next generation to keep up with competitors and changing consumer preferences. And with the RAV4 continuing to dominate the SUV market, the next generation will need to offer even more to stay ahead of the curve.

Photo: Toyota.

The potential unveiling of the next-generation Toyota Camry and RAV4 is an exciting prospect for Toyota fans and car enthusiasts alike. Although details are still scarce, we can expect some subtle upgrades to both models, as well as a continued commitment to environmental efficiency and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as Toyota prepares to unveil its next generation of vehicles.

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