Hydrogen-powered Hilux prototype unveiled by Toyota UK

The first of 10 prototypes that will be built for various tests such as performance, functionality and durability. 

Toyota has kept its nose to the grindstone and slowly but surely made strides in the field of alternatively hydrogen-powered mobility. This year the automaker introduced the liquid hydrogen-powered GR Corolla, and now Toyota UK has unveiled the first hydrogen Hilux prototype.

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Hydrogen Toyota Hilux chassis.
At the core of the powertrain are three high-pressure fuel tanks. Photo: Toyota UK Magazine.

“The Toyota Hilux project is a fantastic example of collaborative R&D which has designed, integrated, and delivered a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. UK Government funding through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) anchors capability in R&D, which helps safeguard and creates new jobs for the future. It embeds the next generation of net-zero vehicles and technologies in the UK,” says Ian Constance APC Chief Executive.

“We’ve already reported on the development of the hydrogen-powered Hilux last year. To recap, the prototype utilises the underpinnings of the Toyota Mirai saloon, which has been in production since 2014. The prototype seeks to achieve zero tailpipe emissions. At the core of the powertrain are three high-pressure fuel tanks that are purposed to allow for a maximum driving range of more than 590 km.

A collaborative R&D effort resulted in the design, integration, and delivery of a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. Photo: UK Toyota Magazine.

“The project consortium has made significant progress to deliver several vehicle demonstrators developed and built in the UK. Seeing the prototype hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Hilux global launch within a year of the start of the project is a clear demonstration of the capabilities and strengths of the UK’s automotive supply chain.”

This is the first of 10 prototypes that will be built and used for various testing purposes, from dynamic performance and functionality to durability testing. The launch inches closer to the reality of an internal combustion engine or ICE-free Hilux on the market.

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The fuel cells in the hydrogen powered Toyota Hilux. Photo: UK Toyota Magazine.

“The project team have accomplished an incredible job in a very short space of time, from creating the prototype build area to completion of the first vehicle. This is a great vote of confidence in UK manufacturing and its potential to deliver carbon-free vehicles to meet future targets,” says Constance.

Would a hydrogen-powered Toyota Hilux be a better solution to a battery electric vehicle (BEV) alternative?

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