Aston Martin gearing to replace DBS with a V12 supercar

An iconic global brand is focusing on setting its cars apart by delivering unparalleled power levels.

Aston Martin is gearing up to redefine its high-performance V12-powered DBS grand tourer, aiming for a striking departure from its V8-powered Vantage and DB12 counterparts.

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The company is keen on infusing each front-engined car with a distinct character and specific capabilities, focusing on setting their cars apart by delivering unparalleled power levels.

With the DB11 succeeded by the DB12, prioritising long-distance refinement, the forthcoming successor to the DBS is set to emphasise speed and agility, positioning itself as the pinnacle of Aston Martin’s sports car line-up. As Aston Martin transforms its models, the DBX SUV will also see interior overhauls, including the introduction of a touchscreen in 2024.

While the DB12 exclusively houses a twin-turbo 4l V8 from Mercedes-AMG, the anticipated reinvention of the DBS might mark the farewell to Aston Martin’s revered 5.2l V12. The V12 engine amped up to 565kW for the final edition DBS 770, could receive even more power to rival Ferrari’s upcoming 812 Superfast replacement.

DBS 770
Image: Aston Martin.

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Reports suggest that the upcoming supercar could boast a staggering 596kW, potentially making it Aston Martin’s most dominant road-going internal combustion engine car. Alongside increased power, expect a comprehensive chassis overhaul featuring upgraded dampers and improved rigidity to enhance cornering performance.

The DBS successor’s design is anticipated to diverge from the DB12, drawing inspiration from track-focused models like the DBS 770, Vantage V12, and DBX 707. Inside, Aston Martin enthusiasts can look forward to the brand’s fresh self-developed cockpit design showcased across its next-generation lineup.

The history of Aston Martin’s DB nameplate adds intrigue to this transformation. The DB series, carrying a legacy of iconic models, symbolises power and performance. With each iteration, Aston Martin has pushed the boundaries of automotive engineering, culminating in this imminent reinvention of the DBS.

DBS 770
Image: Aston Martin.

The forthcoming V12-powered Aston Martin DBS successor holds the promise of not just being another iteration but a statement of Aston Martin’s commitment to innovation, power, and unmatched driving experiences. As we eagerly await its unveiling, we are prepared to witness the next chapter in the DB lineage, eagerly anticipating the combination of heritage and cutting-edge performance that Aston Martin promises to deliver.

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