Honda unveils the 0 Series

Honda’s new electric vehicle, the 0 Series, will be launched in 2026. It forms part of Honda’s carbon neutrality plan.

The Honda brand’s slogan is “The Power of Dreams – How We Move You.” It inspires the company’s engineers to transcend all possible limitations to present buyers with an authentic driving and ownership experience.

The Honda 0 Series, which will be launched in 2026, is part of its intention to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

About the Honda 0 Series

This series is about a new point zero (a new starting point) for the next generation of Honda products. It is about how the company will move people and their hearts with zero environmental impact and zero traffic incidents.

Its new designs will subscribe to the principles of being “thin, light and wise.” The artistic design will invoke resonance with the driver and passengers.

Safety will be supported by an advanced driver-assistive system that utilises the technologies of Honda SENSING Elite.

The vehicle’s charge time and battery degradation will be stress- and worry-free. Honda is striving to limit the degradation of battery capacity (range) to less than 10% after 10 years of use.

The Honda 0 Series says: “Honda pursues the ultimate ‘joy of driving’ in the electric vehicle era.”

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