Petroleum retailers association supports measures to combat diesel adulteration

Discover how the South African Petroleum Retailers Association, in collaboration with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, tackle the issue of watered-down diesel at South Africa’s fuel stations.

In response to recent reports of diesel adulteration, the South African Petroleum Retailers Association (Sapra), stands firmly behind efforts to enforce compliance and curb malpractices in the industry.

Lebo Ramolahloane, the vice chairperson of Sapra, emphasises the importance of adherence to regulations to prevent such incidents. He highlights Sapra’s proactive stance, including the establishment of a Petroleum Compliance Forum in 2019 and the introduction of a whistleblower hotline in 2018, which has been instrumental in reporting illicit activities.

Ramolahloane acknowledges the challenges in monitoring fuel quality, especially at the depot level, but assures consumers that Sapra members adhere to strict codes of conduct.

Motorists can report suspicions through Sapra’s Whistleblower hotline, ensuring swift investigation and action against any wrongdoing.

Lebo Ramolahloane.

With billions lost in revenue and consumers facing potential engine damage, Sapra remains committed to supporting the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy and other stakeholders in combating fuel adulteration.

While investigations continue, consumers are urged to be cautious and avoid purchasing diesel from unreliable sources.

Source: Cathy Finley PR


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