Ford Mustang celebrates 60 years of automotive excellence

April 17 marked a significant milestone for the automotive industry as the iconic Ford Mustang celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Six decades ago, Ford introduced the original Mustang at the World’s Fair in New York, igniting a legacy of performance, luxury and timeless design. To commemorate this historic occasion, a series of global events were scheduled on April 17 this year, paying homage to the enduring appeal of the Mustang.

“The Mustang is an automotive icon renowned for its blend of luxury and performance. From its inception as an affordable sports car to the upcoming seventh-generation model, the Mustang continues to define automotive excellence,’ states Doreen Mashinini, general manager of marketing at Ford South Africa.

With over 60 years of unparalleled success, the Mustang has captivated enthusiasts worldwide. In its debut year, a staggering 418 812 units were sold in the United States alone, with sales surpassing the 10 million mark in 2018. Dominating the sports car segment for over six decades, the Mustang remains a symbol of automotive prowess.

Since its introduction in South Africa in 2016, the Mustang has consistently outsold competitors, commanding an impressive 84% share of the sports car market. Models such as the Bullitt, Mach 1 and California Special have garnered widespread acclaim among automotive enthusiasts, cementing the Mustang’s legacy in South Africa.

1965 Ford Mustang with the 289 engine.

“As we celebrate the Mustang’s 60th anniversary, we reflect on its enduring popularity and the passionate community it has fostered. With the upcoming launch of the new Mustang GT and the exhilarating Mustang Dark Horse, we look forward to continuing this legacy with our customers,” adds Mashinini.

In honour of the Mustang’s milestone, Ford has unveiled a special Vermillion Red and Ebony Black logo, paying homage to the iconic badging featured on the 1964 debut model. This celebration sets the stage for the highly anticipated launch of the seventh-generation Mustang in South Africa, boasting a bold exterior design and cutting-edge technology.

1965 Mustang hard top.

The Mustang GT, powered by a fourth-generation 5.0-litre Coyote V8 engine, delivers an impressive 362kW and 567Nm of torque. With six available drive modes, including normal, sport and track, drivers can customise their driving experience for optimal performance.

Adding to the line-up is the exhilarating Mustang Dark Horse, featuring a specially modified 5.0-litre V8 engine producing 372kW and 567Nm. Equipped with performance-enhancing features such as MagneRide shocks and larger rear sway bars, the Dark Horse offers unparalleled performance on and off the track.

Mustang Dark Horse.

With its rich heritage and unwavering commitment to innovation, the Ford Mustang continues to set the standard for automotive excellence, embodying the spirit of performance and adventure for future generations.

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