High-performance Toyota GR SUV rumoured to be on the horizon

Is a high-performance Toyota SUV on the horizon? President of the firm’s Gazoo Racing department says it’s needed…

Toyota’s fully-fledged GR line-up comprises several models, ranging from the grin-inducing GR Yaris and GR Corolla hot hatchbacks to the rear-wheel-driven GR86 and GR Supra coupés. However, something is missing from the GR portfolio — a performance-focused, GR-badged SUV.

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Speaking to Australian motoring publication CarExpert, Tomoya Takahashi, president of the Japanese automotive giant’s performance arm, said he believes the company needs a GR SUV in the future, not only to expand the GR brand but also to give customers the option of a more family-focused and spacious GR product. Of course, even with performance in mind, a fair bet would be that, were Toyota to build an SUV of this irk, it would also be highly capable off the beaten track.

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As a reminder, sited below the full-fat GR models are Toyota’s GR-Sport products. These include the Hilux GR-S and Land Cruiser 300 GR-S. Additionally, there is the Corolla Cross which serves as a sporty-looking alternative to the standard model, popular in the South African market.

Changes to the Cross’ formula include different styling of the front bumpers, grilles and fender flares while the most notable hardware enhancements come in the form of new suspension components. While it seems the Takahashi is keen on creating an SUV that is endowed with added performance unlike the Corolla Cross, there is no knowing what the Gazoo Racing President has in mind. Would a GR-fettled Fortuner be a welcome addition into Toyota’s more excitement-inducing fleet of vehicles?

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