Local actress dreams big

Local rising talent is off to New York.

An 18-year-old from Pretoria’s dream to attend the prestigious New York Film Academy has come true. Lebogang Fisher from Silverlakes has her bags nearly packed and ready for her trip in June. Fisher, a young lady with a mission, is known for her strong will and determination to start her own production company. She spoke to Rekord about her plans for the future.

Have you always wanted to become an actress?

From a very young age I knew I wanted to be on stage, either dancing or acting. For me, the stage is where I feel alive and I love the art of acting.

What type of acting you enjoy and want to pursue?

I see myself as a film actress, although I have a deep appreciation for theatre acting. I would love to be able to do both, but in the long term, I want to be known as a film actor.

What do you want to do with the qualification you receive, will you come back to South Africa?

I am based in South Africa and plan to open a full production company where I will be able to share what I’m going to learn. I have a vision of guiding fellow young actors, getting teams of storytellers together and completing the circle with full production facilities. We have such talented people in this country and I believe that we will be reaching our full potential, I want to be a part of that process.

Which local actors do you find inspiring and why?

Connie Ferguson is true example of what a style- and brand-aware actor is. She has such longevity and that is what you need to be successful in this industry. I find her passion for her work and the manner in which she keeps on being fresh and respected inspiring.

Health issues are always a matter for those on screen, how do you keep healthy?

I do boot camps. It’s terrible, but I know it’s important to stay fit and healthy. In this industry there are a lot of eyes on you and to be successful, one must project the best version of oneself. So yes, eat healthily and exercise and you will feel good and do better.

Any advice for those who want to follow in your footsteps?

To have a dream is one thing, to remain determined to achieve your goals is the difficult part. I learned to turn every no into an opportunity to get better. Don’t get discouraged when you seem to be the only one who believes in yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to work hard, success is not easy.

Lebogang leaves for New York in June.

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