Terrific Titan entertains all

Titan the Robot is a smash hit.

Titan the Robot is at The Grove Mall today, performing three shows free of charge at 09:00, 11:00 and 14:00.

Kids and adults all gathered for Titan’s first show of the morning, marvelling at this technological masterpiece. Titan dances around, sings, and tells jokes, all to the delight of the crowd.

“Today’s weather forecast – a strong chance of rain showers,” said Titan, before spraying the crowd with a stream of water. The children could not contain their excitement, screaming and giggling at all of Titan’s silly antics.

Titan constantly moves around, surveying his audience. His intelligent systems recognise people, clothing and colours. When Titan spotted a woman in a red shirt, he started singing Lady In Red, before moving on to speak to a boy in a hat, remarking that he looked very cute in it.

At one stage, Titan sneezed all over some members of the crowd, eliciting a rapturous laughter and applause from the excited onlookers.

Titan performed alongside the Bulls Babes as well as the Bulls’ mascot, Bulletjie.

Titan’s next shows will be at 11:00 and at 14:00, for one day only at The Grove, before he moves on to other malls across the country.

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