Have some drinks with feathery friends

The latest craze is to drink coffee in the company of some owls.

The latest craze to hit the streets of Japan and London are owl cafés.

What’s an owl café, you ask? It is basically a café that allows you to drink coffee while you get to pet and interact with real live owls. These cafés have become so popular that you need to make a reservation or arrive at least an hour or two before the doors open.

The craze has now blown over to London. Londoners can enjoy their drinks and food with nocturnal creatures at a bar in the upscale Soho area. However, not everyone will be able to enjoy time with the owls.

Raffle tickets are being sold for 20 pounds and your name will be entered in a contest. If you happen to be lucky enough to win the raffle, you will have to enjoy your time with the feathery friends alone, since one ticket only allows a person to handle the owls.

Professional falconers will be at the event to ensure that the owls are unharmed.

Would you go to an owl café?

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Photo: Business Insider
Photo: Business Insider

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