Amandasig star is born

A local musician and businessman hopes to inspire and educate his community with his hip-hop rhymes.

A local musician and businessman hopes to inspire and educate his community with his hip-hop rhymes.

Khensani Shikwambana of Amandasig said he fell in love with music at a young age.

“I started rapping when I was 11 years old in grade 5. My friends and I had to perform in a talent show and had quickly put a song together. That was when I wrote my first rap verse,” said Shikwambana.

The multi-talented musician, known to his fans as Mbizz Khen, said he was inspired by American rapper Curtis Jackson, aka 50.

The young artist has already performed with Shane Eagle, Gemini Major and Tshego.

“I’m passionate about what I do, music is my life. It’s not just an aesthetic to me. It saved my life,” said Shikwambana.

He told Rekord that he is a very energetic performer.

Khensani Shikwambana also known as Mbizz Khen.

Shikwambana is not only a musician, but also a businessman.

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He owns a company that clean refuse bins for various households on garbage collection day.

“I realised that people are unable to wash their dustbins after the garbage has been collected. I then saw an opportunity to clean the dustbins. Since then the business has been running smoothly,” he said.

With his latest album he aims to inspire hope and transform society at large.

Mbizz Khen is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with and recently had to postpone his one-man show scheduled for 21 March due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

He said he had to drop out of varsity to pursue his music career.

Khensani Shikwambana also known as Mbizz Khen.

“I was studying BCom business management. I knew in my heart it was not where I belonged, I belonged on stage and on the road doing what I love.

“After a serious period of prayer and fasting seeking answers from God, I made the decision to obey and follow my dreams and destiny,” he said.

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“Telling my parents was not easy; they understandably lost it, but as time went by, my mom heard my music and saw how it moved people and she believed in it more. Today she is my biggest fan,” said Shikwambana.

His song, Status Update, debuted at number 10 on the Tswe media charts and was at number one for over three weeks in June 2018.

He won the embedded party artist competition in 2018 and was handpicked by Vodacom to be part of the NXT LVL Cypher 2018.

He also released a music video for his latest single Maphepa.

“We (Rise & Grind as well as Close Circle Media) hope the Corona issue gets sorted and things get back to normal so the show can go on.”

“I am hungry. This is not a joke; I will continue singing till my last breath and no one will take that away from me,” he concluded.

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