Send a virtual hug and support charity (video)

Tekkie Tax represents more than 1 000 non-profit organisations across the country. You can help ensure that these charities keep caring for others, by giving a virtual hug.

Even in lockdown, Tekkie Tax continues to widen its circle of care and support to charities with the virtual hug campaign.

Tekkie Tax represents more than 1 000 NPOs across the country. It was established after several national NPOs came together to enable a singularly focused national fundraising campaign.
Despite national lockdown limitations, welfare organisations remain at the forefront in serving, caring, supporting and protecting the vulnerable of society.

“The world is going through its biggest health crisis in 100 years and people are living with great uncertainty around the immediate future,” said national campaign manager Germa Hattingh.

“Two things are being highlighted in this crisis – the human spirit will prevail and the deeper we move into these uncharted territories, the more kindness is shown between people.

“In times like this, we come to realise the desperation and plight of our fellow citizens.

“We realise how much family and friends mean to us, especially when we can’t spend time with them. We want to turn to our loved ones, see their smiling faces and give them the one thing we cannot right now – a hug.

“A simple hug from a loved one is what billions of people around the world are craving now,” said Hattingh.
You can help ensure that these charities keep caring for others, by giving a virtual hug.
“Nothing more than a simple hug will help ensure care for so many in need,” said Hattingh.

It is simple:
1. Go to
2. Click on the link Send someone a Virtual Hug
3. Complete the required information.
4. Make a donation of R20 hug.
5. You will receive an email after you ordered your hug.
6. Click on the link provided and share the personalised hug with the person you wish to hug.
7. Don’t stop there. Send someone else also a hug and grow the circle of hugs.

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