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TAKE NOTE: Water supply shutdown to affect Ndwedwe

Water supply is scheduled to be back to normal by Thursday, 13 July.

Parts of Ndwedwe are expected to be without water between Tuesday and Thursday due to a planned water supply shutdown.

The shutdown is required in order to install a new electrical panel at Oakford (Reservoir 2), for phase four of the pump upgrade.

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Water supply is scheduled to be back to normal by Thursday, 13 July.

Although the job will only take roughly 15 hours to complete, the system will need at least three days to recover.

The following areas will be affected:

  1. Ward 11 – Sokombo, Kwambase, Okhalweni, Wolokohlo and Mona
  2. Ward 12 – Kwambase, Ndondolo, Mcinganweni, Thafeni, Hloniphani and Gedleni
  3. Ward 13 – Msunduze, Ntaphuka, Qalweni, eJikeni, eGroundini kwa-L, Makhawula, Gunjini and Qophumlando
  4. Ward 14 – Nompande and Gunjini
  5. Wad 15 – eMadimeni, Ndwedwe Central, Mpungeni, Mayekeni, Mona, eMzileni, eNkanjini and Mzokhulayo
  6. Ward 18 – Ndwedwe Mission, Cibane, Mcakweni and Makhulusini
  7. Ward 19 – Hlomantethe, Kwahlophe, Simamane, Sigedleni, Mangangeni and Mkhomazi areas.

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