The team behind your local motoring stories

Have you ever wondered who the team is behind Autodealer? Let us introduce ourselves to you.

Sean Nurse – Editor

Sean started his motoring journalism career in 2012 where he was selected at the SAGMJ Bursar. Throughout his career, he has gone from Bursar Student to Motoring Journalist and now on to greater things as the Editor of Autodealer which specialises in both print and online motoring news, reviews and everything in-between.

His hard work, motivation and passion for all things cars was awarded several awards at the Motoring Journalist of the Year competition in both 2014 and 2015. He also has extensive experience as a motoring competition judge, having been involved with other prestigious car-related award ceremonies since 2013. Besides his professional dedication to cars, he also considers himself a true petrolhead in a personal capacity. He participates in amateur motorsport activities and also finds joy in working on cars and attending automotive events whenever he can.

Justin Jacobs – Senior Motoring Journalist

Justin Jacobs has always had a deep-rooted passion for cars. His dream to have a career involving cars became his reality when in 2011 he joined a small motoring website called Drive 2.0 after studying Marketing Management. He was tasked with photographing cars as well as reporting on motoring related news. He eventually joined the Caxton family at Witbank News in 2012 where he provided weekly motoring content.

In 2015 he joined the Autodealer team along with the now Editor Sean Nurse and has been involved in creating motoring content across the various Caxton platforms such as print, digital, social media and now radio. Justin loves the joy that cars bring to those around him and you will most likely find him attending various car-related events over the weekend or giving you a glimpse of this high octane lifestyle via his social media pages. Justin is known as German Car Jacobs within the Autodealer team and does not deny the fact that he has a soft spot for German marques, however, he is mostly attracted to cars that have character, cars that make people feel special, car that makes you smile.

Ryno Fourie – Sub-Editor / Digital Manager

Ryno Fourie focused on automotive photography after he completed his studies in 2010. In 2011 he became the chief photographer at South Africa’s largest automotive press agency at the time. During his career, he has worked with a wide range of agencies and blue-chip commercial car clients such as Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, General Motors and Ford, photographing and driving some of the world’s most iconic cars.

After a brief but valuable stint as a photography lecturer, Ryno pursued a career as a motoring journalist and after three years of freelancing joined the Autodealer team as Sub-Editor and Digital Manager. Ryno has a passion for cars and motorcycles and loves to create visually and appealing pieces for the readers and listeners to enjoy. During weekends you will most likely catch him at a motoring event, car meets or behind the camera with a car in front of his lens.

Where can you find our content?

As part of a new strategy, the natural synergy between Autodealer and your local newspaper will now form a part of your local news network’s website and social media content schedule too. To access the latest, local motoring stories we’ve parked our content in a new garage. Simply visit your local Caxton news website, click on the drop-down menu labelled “Car” and click on the “Car News” tab and enjoy local car news, reviews, event coverage and features for your viewing pleasure. Also, be on the lookout for our content across the Autodealer social media platforms as well as your local Caxton news outlet’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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