Kitchen Facelifts

Modern buyers prefer light and bright kitchens so repainting old, dark cabinets a lighter or more modern colour will open up your kitchen space.


Solid wood cupboard doors can be sanded down using a palm sander before painting, while melamine cabinets need to be primed with a special primer before they’ll be ready to paint. Remember to remove the doors from the cabinets and take off all the handles and hinges before sanding and painting. Use a foam roller with a water-based enamel paint for the smoothest and long-lasting finish.

Great countertops make a big difference to both a kitchen’s appearance and the cooking experience. Granite, Caesarstone and marble counters are always crowd favourites, but they do cost a fair bit and need to be installed by professionals. Timber and Formica are much more approachable – and affordable – for the DIY family, and can be just as attractive if they’re chosen and installed well.  When selecting a Formica finish, avoid dated options like faux granite or marble.

Modern wood grains and minimalist textures give the best results. A square edge profile rather than the traditional quarter-round also adds a more contemporary flavour.

For the more adventurous DIYer, there are also options like casting your own concrete countertops. Just keep in mind the general style of your home and make sure your countertop choice enhances its surroundings.

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