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‘Cyclists not allowed on M4’, says RTI

Traffic authorities urge cyclists to stay off freeways after two riders died in Umhlanga on Sunday morning.

FOLLOWING the tragic death of two cyclists who were killed in an accident on the M4 on Sunday morning, the Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) has released a statement saying cyclists aren’t allowed on the freeway.

Richard da Silva (46) of Glen Anil and Jared Dwyer (36) of Glenwood were part of a group of around 30 cyclists from the Kings Park Cycling Club on an early-morning training ride when a car crashed into them from behind.

Jared Dwyer (36) and far right, Richard da Silva (46), were tragically killed in an accident on the M4 on Sunday morning.
Jared Dwyer (36) and far right, Richard da Silva (46), were tragically killed in an accident on the M4 on Sunday morning.


RTI spokesman, Zinhle Mngomezulu, said cyclists weren’t allowed on a freeway.

“The M4 is a designated freeway and cyclists are not allowed to be on a freeway. The extract of our national Road Traffic Act is in our learners’ book due to the fact that we wanted all the road users to understand those critical facts,” she explained.

Mngomezulu added that the RTI would not be pressing charges against the cyclists.

“We are not going to target them; however, should they be found on the freeway they will be charged.”

According to Arrive Alive, the law states: (Under regulation 323 for rules on freeways – where cyclists are prohibited)

 (1)         No person shall operate on a freeway—
(a)        a vehicle drawn by an animal;
(b)        a pedal cycle


The driver of the vehicle (33) is being detained at the Durban North SAPS and is facing charges of drunken driving and culpable homicide. He is due to appear in the Durban Magistrate’s Court this week.

Shaun Ryley, Durban North ward councillor, said he wanted the city to work with the cycling community to look at a cyclist-friendly route between Durban North and uMhlanga.

“I extend my deepest condolences to the families of the cyclists and to the cycling community at large. Cycling is a growing sport which is being taken up by many people. There is a two-way relationship between motorists and cyclists and we need to look at ways in which this growth in popularity can be accommodated.

“I would like to see the initiation of consultation between the cycling community and the city with looking at a cyclist-friendly route from Durban to uMhlanga that would eliminate the need to use the M4.”

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