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Fabulous reads: Pick up unflinching, heartbreaking mystery thriller

Book overview - Day One, by Abigail Dean

Day One, Abigail Dean, Jonathan Ball Publishers, ISBN: 9780008389277

Marty told the reporters that she saw it happen. She saw the gunman enter the hall. She saw her mother die trying to protect them all.

That’s the version of Day One Marty wishes were true.

But strange inconsistencies in her story begin to surface. Details that don’t add up. Questions she can’t answer.

The story ignites. Amidst the media frenzy, conspiracy theorist become obsessed with exposing what really happened. And at the epicenter of it all is a small community changed forever. Survivors crushed by guilt. Families torn in half. Outsiders consumed by the hunt for the truth.

Each has their own version of Day One. Each must grapple wit this tragedy, even as fanatics question whether it ever really happened at all.

But what did Marty see? And Why would she lie?

As events spiral out of control the true story is revealed, piece by shocking piece. Day One is an unflinching and heartbreaking exploration of our obsession with tragedy – and what it really means to survive it.

‘A devastating beautiful novel written with such skill, grace and compassion’ – Jennifer Saint

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