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Tips to clean the interior of your car

We spend a lot of time in our cars. In a sense, it often becomes one of our comfort zones not unlike the lounge, bedroom and the TV room. To truly enjoy this comfort zone, it needs to be clean and organised.

And now, with winter on hand, and another long weekend on the cards, it is an ideal time to deep clean the inside of your car.

These suggestions will help.

1. Start by removing all loose articles and debris

2. Then whip out the vacuum cleaner. If you can remove the driver and passenger seats, do so. It will certainly help to get to all those previously inaccessible and awkward spots with the vacuum cleaner.

3. Give the seats a thorough vacuum then treat them with some baking powder (bicarbonate of soda). Let it rest for 15 to 30 minutes and vacuum again. Excellent for removing smells and works on the carpets too!

4. Removing the seats will also make it easier to help deep clean your carpets and get to those coffee and cool drink stains.

5. Always keep some wet wipes in the cubby hole. Use these to wipe any spill the moment it occurs otherwise you will at some point require the service of a professional cleaner.

6. Keep a plastic bag at hand, especially if you have kids and animals that travel in the car often. You can hang these on the back rest of the driver and front passenger seats, readily available and offering easy access when needed.

7. Cup cake or similar holders can be placed inside the vehicle’s existing cup holders.

8. You can wash the loose car mats thoroughly using a house cleaner and brush and allowing it to sun dry.

9. Car seat covers, especially if water proof, are a blessing in the family car. Remember that the seats will still, in time, require a deep clean.

10. Use a small paint brush to get into all those tight places like air vents. A small round brush is ideal for this. It also works well on the dashboard and other hard surfaces. Spray these areas gently with a household cleaner, use the brush and then wipe with a micro-fibre cloth.

11. It is imperative to clean the inside of your windows regularly.

12. And then last but surely not least, hang an air freshener inside the car. Some people leave a refill fabric softener under the seat. Be sure to choose one with a soft smell though.

So there – apply these tips and your car will love you for it.

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