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Random acts of kindness for Mandela Day

VICTORY PARK – To mark Mandela Day this year, De La Salle Holy Cross College spread random acts of kindness across various communities.

For De La Salle Holy Cross College, this year’s Mandela Day was all about participating in random acts of kindness.

Families from the school all found their unique way to mark the day.

Megan Rogers, Grade 11 learner, donates blood. Photo: Supplied
Mila Ferguson (Grade 6) and her little sister Billie make sandwiches for the homeless people who live in Linden. Photo: Supplied

Many donated baby food and nappies and non-perishable food for orphanages and old age homes in KwaZulu-Natal, which was sent down on Mandela Day in a truck arranged by Safetygrip, a company based in Cosmo City.

Ally Jervis makes eco-bricks. Photo: Supplied

The school said some families made sandwiches and soup for the homeless people in their area, while others donated pet food and blankets to animal shelters or donated blood.

Timothy Jervis makes soup in a jar. Photo: Supplied

The school added that Mandela Day helped give the community the opportunity to reach out to others at a time when it was most needed.

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