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‘Tis the season to be moisturized!

The festive season is all about relaxation, however, there is no break from skincare. Skincare and lifestyle influencer Relebohile Masole shares some skincare gems.

Relebohile Masole is an avid skincare enthusiast who shares her tips she has gathered along her journey, on her Instagram accounts.
Masole prioritises informed skincare purchases as opposed to what’s on-trend. Her golden rule is to be kind to yourself and your skin.

Masole shared her top five skincare tips during the season to be merry:

  • Drink water –

Although it’s not a step in your skincare routine, it’s a part of a healthy lifestyle. The skin is the last and least receiving of water when it comes to your daily intake. When your skin looks amazing it’s because everything internally is functioning better.

  • Lock in your moisture –

It is best to keep your face damp between each step of your moisturising routine. This is done by either patting your face with a warm face cloth or by using a hydrating facial mist. This will help with combatting that dry feeling you might experience post-mask or post-cleansing.

  • Apply sunscreen on your skin every day –

The UV rays of the sun will penetrate clouds on the gloomiest of days. Apply sunscreen along your index and middle finger, that’s an indicator of how much you should apply to your face. Remember to reapply your sunscreen according to the instructions on the label. Plus sunscreen is a great agent for treating pesky hyperpigmentation. For a detailed breakdown see my IGtv (@relebohilemasole) on all things SPF.

  • Wash your face twice a day –

Also to wash off the layers of sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen to bed is counter-productive to servicing your skincare needs.

  • Change your pillowcase at least one to two times a week –

You would be surprised how much build-up can actually occur on your pillowcases. Between your sweat, drool, sebum production and your dead skin cells, would you willingly dip your face into all that every night?

Details: Instagram: @letlalo_rm and @relebohilemasole

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